Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Getting into the swing of things

Almost a week has gone by since the start of my internship at Lift Urban Portland and I can already tell that this summer is going to be a huge learning opportunity for me.

Last summer, I had the chance to learn about a completely different culture and lifestyle. My work primarily focused on working directly in the communities; well, there was more learning on my behalf than working in many cases. Regardless, I spent most of my time with working with the communities.

This summer, I will still be spending time with a marginalized community (low income and/or homeless). The way in which my internship is going to be playing out in the next several weeks, I will be spending a good amount of time in the food pantry that Lift Urban Portland runs. During this time, I will either be helping to organize donated food or when the pantry is open to those who need it, I'll be helping to run that as well.

However, another part of my internship will also be working on development work around the office, which is how this summer is going to be different. So far, this has ranged from attending meetings,  helping out at a donor thank you party, meeting some of the Board of Directors, and helping to organize Lift Urban's biggest fundraiser that is happening later this summer. This part of my internship is relatively new to me and has been extremely interesting as well!

Oh! And another part of my internship will also include a bit of outreach, as I will be tabling at several concerts set in parks around Portland. Free music and volunteering? Psh! My dream come true! (And later on, when the concerts are closer, I'll be posting some details!)

Concerts aside, if the past week or so has taught me anything about what my summer might contain, the next several months are going to be extremely educational.

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