Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A part of my internship this summer has been to help out with the development and fund raising side of the organization. So far, much of this has been attending meetings and helping to gather donations for an auction that will be happening at the end of August this year.

While not completely new to me, doing fundraising has always been a rather weak point for me. I'm painfully shy and rather anxious so calling or emailing people about this has proven to be a rather big task for me. Often times what occurs is that when I call a company or organization, I tend to tense up and derail the conversation before I can get the information I need. But I keep learning from my mistakes, as I've started writing notes for what I need to say and what information I need before I call. I've started writing donation asks and email companies before I call, which is something that at the very least, makes me feel more comfortable.

This part of my internship has definitely proven to be one of the more challenging aspects but definitely the one in which I am learning the most.

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