My name is Andrea Merrill and I just finished my third year at the University of Portland, where I am a sociology major.

This blog is home to my experiences of living in Kenya last summer and my experiences of working in Portland this summer! Most posts will be about personal experiences that happen or on topics related to international development, poverty, homelessness, and faith.

Last summer, I spent 10 weeks living in Kenya and spent most of my time working at an organization called African Canadian Continuing Educational Society (also known as, ACCES), which has several different programs surrounding education and health. This summer, I will be working at Lift Urban Portland, which is an interfaith community of volunteers that help to lift up their neighbors in need, especially with food.

This blog is home to experiences supported greatly by the Moreau Center of Service and Leadership at the University of Portland.

Disclaimer: None of my writings represent or are endorsed by any of the organizations I have listed above or are the content of the post. This blog is simply a place in which I better interact with the experiences I have and share them with the world.

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