If you're looking into ways of procrastination, do I have some solutions for you my friend.

One is after reading this blog, you can head over to my other one! Hippie Love Talks is the other blog I run, in which I spend more time talking about personal issues, gender, sexuality, race, and other topics. This blog is in no way representative of any organization that I have worked for (or currently work for) but instead is a way in which I attempt to interact with the world in general.

At the same time, the Moreau Center for Service and Leadership has an entire list of blogs from the different programs that they support. There are blogs for other Interns for Justice (the program I am a part of now), for the service learning immersions (Nicaragua, Hawaii, and more), and also the interns currently in Kenya for the summer. All of those blogs (plus more!) can be found at

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