Monday, July 16, 2012

Hilarious times in Kenya

Over the past couple weeks, I have had a couple experiences that have made me crack up laughing or stop everything and question what just happened. I thought I'd share some of those experiences before heading to bed!

In reference to the baboons in Nairobi: "they're cosmopolitan monkeys!"

Kathya and I had to explain the concept of low fat milk, which she finally described as tasting like watered down milk. One of the Holy Cross brothers was mildly offended by this, as milk and water should never be mixed.

The doctor was explaining some medication to me earlier today as I'm again sick with a cold:
Doctor: "Have you ever had alcohol?"
Me: (not understanding) "Wait, what?"
Doctor: "Alcohol"
Me: "What?"
Doctor: "Whiskey, beer"
Me: "Ohhhhh. Yeah."
Doctor: "Well this medication has some alcohol in it so it'll make you a bit dizzy. There's not enough to make you drunk. Do you like being high?"
Me: "Hold on. What?"
Doctor: "This medication will make you feel a little high."
Me: ........

I was talking with another American, who has been in Kenya off and on for five years now.
Me: Yeah, I go to the University of Portland, in Oregon
Her: So in Texas?
Me: No. Oregon.
Her: Minnesota?
Me: No, Oregon.
Her: Wait.
Me: Oregon is a state. 

"The Fourth of July is on Wednesday! Who's going to wear the turkey costume?" Peter

Did you know? You can repay a loan here in milk.

I made grilled cheese sandwiches for my host family a while back. There may have been some confusion as to why I made them on the stove and not a grill.

My host niece had to get a shot one day and my host sister (her mom) was explaining that my niece had to be held down by two people during the experience. 
Sister: And she was screaming and squirming around! She was quite strong!
Niece: What. I have powers.

Niece (upon meeting me for the first time): You look like a boy.
Later that night, I let her play with my hair,
Niece: Now you look like a chick boy.

There have been plenty of other experiences but these are the most memorable. 

A post about my trips and other things are coming soon! But with my workload and the fact that I'm sick with a cold (again), life got busy today. 

Much love,

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