Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Looking to help?

There are some ways in which Lift Urban Portland could use some of your help! Yes, that's right! You, the reader!

The easiest way is that if you live in Portland and are near the downtown area, shop at the Pearl district Whole Foods Market, as it currently features Lift Urban Portland for its Bag Refund Program. Starting July 8 (aka last Monday), bring your own grocery bags when you shop at Whole Foods Market Pearl branch and donate the 10-cent-per-bag refund to Lift Urban Portland.  You can shop several times before the program ends September 29!

The second way is that Lift Urban Portland's biggest fundraiser is coming up on August 27th! The event is a Summer Garden party and if you can't afford the $75 a seat meal, consider volunteering! There are two shifts for volunteers, one from 1pm to 3:30pm and the second from 4pm to 9pm. Food will be provided for volunteers and it could potentially be a really great way to meet some high end donors! It's going to be at the World Forestry Center, which is right in Washington Park, and can be accessed by both the Max and bus #63. Responsibilities would include helping to check in guests, collect donation envelopes, help with the auction, and others.

If you have any interest in volunteering with the summer garden party, please email me at

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